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Welcome to FantasyScifi

Fantasy SciFi is designed to help fans of Fantasy and/or Science Fiction find each other using an interactive database.


So who would you like to find?

You can find gamers

You can find Fantasy fans near you

You can find Science Fiction Fans in your neigbourhood.

You can even find Movie Fans near you


Our Job is to help you do all of these things:

To have one place to:

  • Keep in touch
  • Meet new friends that share your passion for Speculative Fiction.
  • Share your thoughts
  • Share your stories
  • Share your Fan Art...
                All on one site!

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The RPG Store

Started by one of our very own members;
This is a great place to pick up:

  • Role Playing accessories
  • Novels;
  • Posters;
  • Plus a great range of New PC and Console Games!

The Gallery

This is the perfect place if:

  • You're an artist looking to house your portfolio online;
  • You're a GM wanting to post campaign files for your players;
  • You're a writer looking to show off your latest work.
  • Or you just want to share some files with friends :)

The Forums

  • Have your say.
  • Vent your spleen (ew! sounds unsavoury)
  • Talk to other fans & gamers from across the country, the world, or the next suburb :)

FSF News

  • Share the news from your local area with others.
  • Be the first to report on industry gossip and discuss it with your fellow members

Instant Messaging


Enjoy the tranquility of Spam free messaging from one member to another through our online messaging system Some days it's worth it just to send a quick 'hello' to remember the days BEFORE SPAM ;)





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Private and public Chat Rooms.


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The solution if you want a single password protected forum or an entirely independent group of forums.


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Hey! Why has the site changed??

Because we have always been a volunteer based effort we have had to streamline the way that the web site is administered. To do this we have upgraded to a new Content Management System which means we can give Australian Fantasy and Science Fiction fans and gamers more features







Why Register?

The reason we ask people to register comes down to One Word:

Although not the only reason, having a SPAM free environment was a priority in starting this web site.

The other reason is that in order for people to find each other we need to have at least a City and State.

Note that you can hide your real name - in fact you can hide anything you want from the eyes of other members.

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